Bielefeld, a university town of some 321000 inhabitants is situated in Nordrhein-Westfalen to the north east of the Bielefeld Pass which transits through the hills of the Teutoburger Wald. The town is renowned for its textile, bicycle, sewing machine, books and strangely enough baking powder industry. It is the home of the famous Dr-Oetker-Werke.

The Lodge was Consecrated on the 6th June 1957 as the third Lodge within the British Lodge District which was at that time affiliated to the Grand Lodge AFAM.

Meetings are held in the Lessinghaus which is close to the centre of the town.The premises are shared with other German Lodges with whom a long masonic relationship has been established over some four decades of the Lodges existence and who provided invaluable financial and moral support in the early days.

The members of the Lodge extend a warm welcome to all freemasons who might be resident or visiting in Bielefeld. Likewise the Lodge is anxious to hear from men of good standing and character in the area who have a genuine interest in joining freemasonry and in particular an English speaking Lodge adhering to the customs and traditions of English style freemasonry.



1962 due to the increasing membership of the Lodge Britannia moved to Herford. In 1974 Britannia moved back to Lessinghaus Bielefeld and have continued to conduct business until 20th March 2021. Due to unforeseen circumstances linked to the current pandemic, we have had no choice other than to make a permanent move to Logenhaus, Logenplatz Herford yet again. 


Grand Lodge of British Freemason in Germany

Due to Covid-19 meeting at Lessinghaus has been deemed unsuitable.


The Lodge on the 20 March 2021 moved to



Logenplatz 2-4

32052 Herford


Regular Meetings will now be held on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month:



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